Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Best $4.88 I've Ever Spent On Photography Equipment...

I've seen them before, those little lenses you stick over the camera of your smartphone. They looked clunky, and a tad expensive. I've seen them at the Apple Store and in ads on the internet. But it wasn't until I spotted a small box while waiting in a forever line at Walmart last night that I actually seriously considered purchasing these little guys.

And the best part is they only cost $4.88 (sans sales tax...).

Today I tried them out and I was kind of blown away at how well they work. So much so, that I had to check the receipt to make sure they were under five bucks. The receipt confirmed it--they were. Here's just an example of the micro lens:

The picture is a close-up of my plant at work. Here's a shot of it from my phone without any additional lenses. The picture above is from a small spot on the base of the plant, near the bottom in the middle:

Like I said, I haven't really utilized the other two. I'll have to test them out as well. Photography is a very expensive hobby, but for once, I found an exception to that rule.

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