Saturday, September 24, 2016

why Do Some Great Ideas Make It...And Others Do Not?

Before college football kicked off a few weeks ago, my wife and I were in Walmart doing a little shopping. That's when I found an amazing invention:

The Party Tray!

What you see in the above picture is The Party Tray in action. The Party Tray is resting on my left arm. My hand is wrapped around a piece of plastic between the tray and the cup holder. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I mean, the one arm holds the tray, which in turn holds loads and loads of deliciousness--and a drink of your own choosing. This leaves the person using The Party Tray to have one arm free. The right arm and hand can load up The Party Tray with the aforementioned deliciousness and a drink.

I mean, it's just a perfect invention. I was extremely impressed.

I began to wonder, after seeing the brilliance of The Party Tray, why is not this item in every house in the country? Heck, why are there not multiple The Party Trays in every house in the country? There are worse ideas out there that have infiltrated our lives and homes, The Clapper, The Pet Rock, Barney Videos...the list is endless.

So, why not give The Party Tray a shot? Did the inventor of The Party Tray not make those decisions that would lead to fame, financial success, and his own private jet? Did he not get they guy who hocks Oxyclean to hock The Party Tray? I cannot say, but I wonder about those things.

Then again, the fact that I didn't even buy one unit of The Party Tray, but left them all on a shelf at Walmart--I guess that says something about the product after all.

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