Sunday, September 11, 2016

Paulette Way...A Place Of My Past

This is Paulette Way, a road running mostly East-West in my hometown. Going east from 200 East (yeah, we have a strange and somewhat boring way of naming streets where we live...), Paulette Way first crosses Spencer Way then continues up the mountain until it dead-ends above 350 East. It's hard to tell from the photograph, but it's a steep drive from where I'm standing. Living on the side of mountain means a lot of steep roads. We noticed, as we kept driving higher and higher, all the four-wheel drive vehicles parked in driveways.

When we first moved to Farmington, these homes didn't exist. By the time I entered public school I had several friends from the neighborhood surrounding Paulette Way. I didn't spend a lot of time just south of the Farmington Cemetery, but enough to know that at one time, 350 East, a road running North-South, was as high as you could go. Now it's about halfway between no development and 200 East.

Before we drove south from our home, we drove north. We ran an errand that took us to a part of Farmington that's seen several changes over the past couple of years. New buildings, a motel, an office building, even a soon-to-be-completed Mercedes Benz dealership. I never thought I'd see the day there would be auto dealership in our little town, let alone one selling new Benzes to those who can afford them (and to several who can't...). The point is. there are parts of town those having left only a few years ago would scarcely recognize today.

And there are places, like Paulette Way that have had the same look for decades. Such is the nature of life. Eventually, everything turns over, all things erode and disappear. Driving around I saw homes where friends lived long ago, even saw the last names of my friends hung for all to see. And even though I didn't spend a lot of time on Paulette Way, it's a part of my past, a part that, to me at least, hasn't changed much.

At least, on the outside.

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