Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Camera...New Pictures

I've written several blog posts concerning cameras. Back in 2011 I made the decision to post one picture every day on Facebook, Google +, and my blog. I believe I've also used at least one photo in each of my daily blogs. Since then I've gone through several cameras--not that I've destroyed those cameras--they work perfectly fine. It's just that I've upgraded the equipment on which I shoot.

The first camera I used when I began my photographic adventure was a Kodak MX 1063 Digital Point-And-Shoot. I loved that camera. It wasn't the best, but I think I utilized every function of that little camera. And it was red, which is always a bonus.

With a heavy heart I traded in my trusty Kodak for an iPhone. When I bought my first smartphone, an iPhone 4, I used that for my daily pictures. Since then I upgraded my phone from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4s and finally an iPhone SE, which has an amazing camera, by the way.

In 2014 I bought my first serious camera, a Nikon D60. I still have that camera and I love it, even though it was several years old when I got it. And up until last week, that was my workhorse, my trusted friend to capture what my eye saw and hopefully, some of the emotion as well.

Last week I picked up a new camera, and even though I've loved all my cameras, this one is flat-out beautiful! It's another Nikon, this time the D3300 model. Oh, and it's also red. The photos on this blog that aren't of the new camera were taken with the D3300 today. I've only had it a week, but I took it to Comic Con and tried it out. My pictures were okay--I'm still learning how the thing operates, but I look forward to experimenting and taking a lot of pictures and video. 

We'll see how it all develops.

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