Saturday, January 28, 2017

Back When I Used To Monitor The Blog Stats...

I started this blog January 24, 2011. I've written a post every day. This will be Blog Post # 2199. Which means I've come up with almost 2200 topics, used more than that many photos, and posted each of them, one a day, for over six years. Number 2200 will happen tomorrow.

That's a lot of stuff. 

I knew when I started I wanted to write a daily post, and to be honest, I'm a little surprised it's gone this long. I don't know how long it will continue, but for not, at least, I'm writing tonight and plan on writing tomorrow.

I've learned a lot in the past six years. I hardly ever go back and read the old posts. That's not unusual for me. I've written a daily journal entry everyday since 1985 and I never go back and read those--well, hardly ever.

When I first started this blog, I was a little obsessed with the blog stats. I used to look at them daily, several times a day, actually. I remember getting excited when I a lot of people viewed my blog. I even looked to see which country had the most viewers. But things change over time. I almost never look at the stats now. One of the reasons for this is because I made a decision a long time ago that I wasn't writing posts for popularity. I wasn't going to do it to see how many followers I could get. I wanted to keep the blog going to make myself write something--at least something--everyday.

And that's what I've done.

Today I decided to just check out the stats. I've had over a quarter-million page views. The most successful post had over four-thousand views, the second-most popular had just over half that (I think you can click on the photos to see the numbers better...). Occasionally I've had friends tell me they like my blog, that they read it all the time. That makes me feel good. I like writing things people want to read. I wish I could spend more time on each blog post to make them better, but time management dictates sometimes other things are more important.

Yes, there was a time when I followed religiously the stats of my little blog. A long time's passed since the stats were that important.

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