Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Day...Church Canceled...Not Your Average Sunday

The text message hit just after 9am. Had this happened two weeks ago, we'd have been sitting in the chapel at our usual spot on the back row. But, since we have changed church starting times with the changing of the new year, all of us at our home were sleeping in.

Turns out we could have slept in a lot longer.

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains we've seen some extreme winters. One thing we haven't seen a lot is freezing rain. Maybe it happened growing up--I just don't remember. Thinking back, I remember that when it snowed, the snowplows weren't as efficient as they seem to be today and everyone drove slower when it snowed. At least, that's the way I remember it. If I could travel back in time, I'm sure I'd see snowplow operators doing excellent jobs and people being just as insane behind the wheel as they are now.

Canceling church--that's something that never happened.

Wait, I take that back. A few years ago we were hit with a monster wind storm. Hurricane-strength winds ripped through out neighborhood so instead of going to church, we were asked to don our bluejeans, grab our working gloves and chainsaws and do a little service. Today was different; we weren't asked to do anything but spread the word (I suppose when we go to church we're asked to spread the good word, but today, it was just the word...). I'm sure if people needed us to engage in physical labor, we'd come out in force with snow boots, gloves, and show shovels.

We stayed home and celebrated my wife's, Elvis's, and David Bowie's birthdays (actually, just my wife's, officially...). I wonder if this canceling church thing is something we'll get more of in the future. Time will tell.

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