Thursday, January 19, 2017

What We Will And Won't See Tomorrow...

Since January 2011 I've blogged about many things, many topics, but one I've stayed away from is politics. Though important, I've never wanted to "take sides" on this blog--even "taking sides" sounds a little silly. It's not about sides, it's about people with differing opinions trying to live and work together without killing each other.

But I'm someone who pays attention to political discourse. I remember the way things were eight years ago. I remember what people said, how they acted, what they did. I watched as people spoke almost daily about how many Americans were killed in foreign wars. I remember the stories of unemployed Americans were relayed on the nightly news. I remember how things were different, the country was in such trouble, much of the blame fell squarely on the president at the time.

Then things changed. A new man took control, and it's strange how many of those problems seemed to disappear. No one talked about soldiers dying, or single parents raising children on assistance, or the homeless. In many people's eyes, everything was great, or at least, going to get better.

I fully admit that this is my opinion only. I'm sure there were stories of those we continued to lose in war and how hard it was to find a good job or to raise kids in a single-parent home. But, to me at least, it felt like those stories ended.

I don't know what the future will bring, but to me, it feels like beginning tomorrow we're going to hear about how many homeless are living on the streets (even though there are just as many homeless out there tonight as there will be tomorrow...). We'll be reminded of the wars, the deaths that continue, and stories of the soldier's families will once again be shown. We'll also hear about how one man shouldn't have the amount of power that's been bestowed him, even though it was perfectly fine for a single person to have that same power only twenty-four hours earlier. We'll also be reminded about how important the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence is to our country. And those buying and storing extra food will no longer be considered extremists. Funny how we see things we want to see, ignore things we don't. We selectively highlight, accept, and interpret facts to strengthen our already formed opinions of what's right and what's not.

Like I said, I've shied away from political topics, political discourse, and political blog posts. And one could argue this post isn't necessarily political. I'm just relaying my observations...more of a human nature blog post, really.

The sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. It will also set. And if you think things suddenly have improved or gotten worse, think about the things you're deciding not to see, not to acknowledge, and not to accept. May God bless us all to allow us to have open minds and giving hearts.

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