Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Centerpoint Legacy Theatre's "You Can't Take It With You"...The Video

The latest production on Centerpoint Legacy Theatre's Barlow Main Stage is Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman's You Can't Take It With You, a great little comedy about what makes up a family. The theatre created a little music video to promote the show. You can see it on the theatre's Facebook page: HERE.

We're just over halfway through the run, but there's still time to get tickets. The cast you see is not the one I'm in (we're double cast...), so if you go on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, you won't see any of the people on stage that are in the video.

After the shows, it's customary in our little theatre to greet patrons in the theatre's lobby and I've seen a lot of smiles as they pass by and tell us they enjoyed the show. That's one of the reasons I do these shows. Making people's day just a little bit better is a wonderful thing.

And, Superfan said, "It's a great show!" Or, something to that effect--sorry if I didn't get the quote exactly right.

So, if you're interested, click: HERE for more information about the show, the theatre, ticket prices, and show times. I'd love to seen you, if you can make it. After all, Superfan can't be wrong!

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