Thursday, January 5, 2017

Someone Needs To Remind Me...Trains Are Sometimes Late On Snow Days, Too

I knew the bus would be late this morning because of the terrible roads. And I was right. I even arrived at the bus stop a few minutes late, so if the bus had been on time, I'd have missed it. A fellow commuter checked her phone and said the bus was a town away.

I did a little calculating.

That meant the bus and the train would be arriving at about the same time. Usually, the bus gets there fifteen minutes before the train. While we waited we saw the bus exit the freeway. Soon we'd be inside a heated vehicle and out of the cold. But something told me I ought to catch the train. I had no idea how bad the roads were leading to work and I didn't want to be stuck on a bus for an hour or more in case it slid off the road or got in an accident.

I crossed the bridge and joined the others waiting for the 6:10am southbound train headed to Salt Lake. I watched the bus pull up to its stop and pick up the fellow rider and make its way back to the freeway.

No worries--the train should be pulling up any moment now.

That's when the guy waiting with us on the platform checked his phone and saw that the train was going to be late. Bummer. I mean, trains are supposed to be the reliable alternative when the roads are crappy. That's what I thought when I decided to take the train instead of the bus this morning.

And I should have known better because it wasn't the first time it happened. The second the guy said the train was going to be late, I remembered the same thing happened last year. A storm hit--I thought the train would be the fastest way into town, but the train ended up being almost an hour late. If I had remembered that five minutes earlier, I'd have been in a warn bus instead of freezing with the others.

In the end, it wasn't that bad. The train was late, but I arrived at work only thirty minutes past my normal time. The best part of the morning was when I got off my train and took the short walk to my building, the bus I passed on drove by, meaning it took the bus just as long to get into town as my late train. Had I taken the bus, I would have been warmer, but I'd have had to find something else to write about tonight.

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