Friday, January 20, 2017

Got New Shoes...

When you've destroyed the shoes you wear almost every workday, they need to be replaced. And so today was the day my wife and I went shoe shopping.

I left for Dr. Martins. I returned with Converse.

That wasn't the plan, but you know how plans go sometimes. The Dr. Martens I wanted were out of stock, so they'll be shipped to me later. I did see, as I searched the clearance section, other shoes that I picked up--a pair of neon yellow Converse low tops All Stars at almost 70% off.

Hard to pass that up, no matter what color they are.

I haven't owned All Stars since high school. I think it was my junior year. Three of us who shared the same shoe size bought three pairs of Chuck Taylor high tops, a red pair, a green pair, and a purple pair (now that I think about it, it might have been orange instead of red, but that's not important...). We each swapped one shoe, so I had orange/purple, another had purple/green, and the third had green/orange. We wore them to school, to Lagoon in the summer, all over. In all my years since, I don't believe I've ever seen anyone ever wearing different color shoes--on purpose--since. I find that somewhat interesting considering what people wear these days.

I miss those old shoes. If I had the means (and two friends with the same shoe size who shared the desire to wear different-colored shoes around...), I just might do it again. I wonder if anyone would notice.

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