Saturday, January 21, 2017

Returning To Where You Once Were...

Tonight, I drove up to my alma mater, one of my alma maters, that is. It's weird coming back to a place where you went to school. The first school I attended was torn down, at least part of it. The second and third schools (elementary and jr. high school...) are still there, but my high school is no more. They flattened it and built a huge temple to education, otherwise known as Davis High School.

I first attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Home of the Aggies. I love USU--it's a great place. My dad, brother, sis-in-law all graduated from there. After the mission, I went to the University of Utah, and I really loved my time as a Ute. It's a great institution.

After a fifteen-year break, I went back to school, this time at Weber State University. I enjoyed the school, the faculty, and the students very much. Thing is, I didn't spend a lot of time on the main campus, so the Union Building, where I am not, does not feel like home. Then again, a few years I went back to the U of U and it had changed so much, I hardly recognized the place.

The picture you see above is a relatively new building. I can't remember who it's named after, but it's mostly used by the English Department. They finished building it while I attended and I had a few classes there. It's also where my family and I had a meeting before I got my masters degree. I suppose if I return to WSU in about ten or twenty years, I probably won't recognize it, either. Such is life. Then again, I'm sure no one there would recognize me either.

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