Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What A Difference Six Years Can Make...

Social media is much maligned these days and for good reason. But there's some things social media does very well, especially Facebook. It's a digital scrapbook. It's a calendar, a place to post congratulatory birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, baby notices.

It's also a place to post photos.

And to remember events in the past.

Today, when I checked Facebook this picture showed up in my "You Have Memories" section and it took me back. It's from a show we did back in 2009 at Rodger's Memorial Theatre. The Show, Evita, the picture, some of the cast.

And I thought about how much has changed in just six short years.

You see, many in this picture have experienced a lot of changes. Three of these people, when the photo was taken, were not married. Now they are, and some even have little ones blessing their lives. I met some amazing people in that show. I've kept in tough with many (through social media...), and with some I've done other shows.

Funny how six years in the future seems so far away, but six years ago sometimes feels like it was like yesterday. Time, as in all things, is relative.

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