Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Arrow 202, Wilson Jones Tatum T 215 Antique Staplers

Years ago I noticed an old stapler at clerk's office at our church. It was such a cool stapler that when we cleaned out my mom's house, I found an old stapler and saved it. It's the Arrow 202. I love the steel and the design. Someone spent a lot of time creating the shape and functionality of that device.

The second stapler I found at the D.I. It's the Wilson Jones Tatum T 215. The Tatum can unfold to staple things on walls or bulletin boards (does anyone staple anything on bulletin boards anymore?). The Arrow does not have this feature, but the Arrow does have the ability to fold the points on the staple either toward each other or away from each other.

Today I saw these staplers on my desk and thought I'd snap a picture (or two...). While on a break, I did a few internet searches to see what these two items might be worth. For the Arrow, I came across this site: ARROW. I think mine might be in a better condition.

Finding the value of the Tatum was a little tougher. I couldn't find an example of the T 215. Here's one that's close: TATUM. I'm sure mine is in better condition than this one.

I may be going overboard with my interest in staplers. If you think so, check out this site: STAPLE SITE. I think you'll see I'm quite tame--it's just a mild obsession for me...

The funny thing about these staplers I have at my desk is that I NEVER use them. At work we're striving for a paperless work environment. Maybe one day staplers will be as obsolete as the typewriter. I guess time will tell...

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