Friday, September 23, 2011

St. George Temple, St. George, Utah

Last week we found ourselves in St. George. On our last full day in the city and we decided to take a walking tour of arguably the city's most famous attraction, the St. George Temple.

We arrived just after sunset and tried my best to capture just how stunning the building looks.

Of course, after spending nearly a week in St. George, one hears things about the famous building. Apparently, the building was built using the native red rocks of the area.

Then, the pioneers who settled the city whitewashed the building.

If you walk around the back you'll see these doors which--we believe--lead into the baptistry.

The huge lights that illuminate the building lie next to the walking path. My 12-year old decided to try to see if he could make any shadow puppets on the huge white walls. I thought he did a pretty good job of creating a shadow wolf about to attack a large man in a silly hat.

The building's entrance can be accessed on the north side. In front of the door is a fountain, which, strangely reminds me of the temples located in Provo and Ogden, Utah.

I've been told, although I cannot recall exactly when, that the invention of the revolving door made modern air conditioning possible.

When driving on the freeway in St. George the temple rises above the surrounding buildings. It looks small from the street, but when you're standing right by it, it overwhelms.

We finished our clockwise walking tour, the sky a little darker, the white a little brighter. The building stands as a testament to the people and their faith.

We parked our minivan across the street and as the kids piled in, each secure in their own traveling cocoons, I took a final picture from across the street. I hope you've enjoyed this little visual tour of the building. It's an amazing site, and I'm convinced the best time to see the temple in St. George is at night.


  1. I'm down here right now. I'm here part time. You've inspired me to go sight seeing tomorrow night. Thanks Scott.

  2. I love this Temple. What great pics too!