Friday, September 30, 2011

Moon, Cloud, Sky

Moon, Cloud, Sky

The Cloud's tendrils reach out to surround the fingernail moon and I wonder why isn't there more color, more drama, more aspects that can draw a reader--maybe even a first time visitor to the site. Will they come and see? We can know for sure for the statistics that are checked like the scores of a game won't lie.

But the picture is a moment in time, a moment of wonder considering that there is a huge object bound by an invisible band of gravity that keeps the moon close. Mathematics and lighting cause the waxing sliver of visible light to be seen and photographed by humans on earth.

I wonder, too, as I look at the almost invisible light reflecting off the surface, if anyone else took a picture of the moon either today or tonight. Chances are quite good that many of the almost seven billion of us did. And, another strange thought comes to mind, I wonder if any of them used film...

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  1. Beautifully put! The saddest part... not only did I not use film, but I didn't even notice it. It waited for me all night...