Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wow! That Picture Looks Groovy!

There are a ton of apps for the iPhone out there (and unfortunately, I seem to gather as many as I can--mostly the free ones...I know, I'm a self-admitted app hoarder...). I came across one the other day. It's called HDR Camera.


What is HDR you ask? That's what I asked after I downloaded the app. Let's refer to the fount of all knowledge to learn more on the subject, Wikipedia. Here's their definition: HERE.

Some of the people I follow on Google + are incredible photographers and they have utilized this HDR technology to create some mind-blowing shots. I wondered what some of my pictures might look like using the app so I've included the classic "Before/After" design.

I've discussed before that I love photography, but as technology as progressed, I've lacked the means (financially and otherwise...) to keep up. I'm amazed when we go to the gymnastics meets for my daughter, some of the parents are holding thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment...if only.

I do enjoy the look of a great photograph, but there's something about the un-doctored photo, the shot that's just what the eye sees. I'm not naive... I understand the camera itself is a manipulating device. Still, when that shot comes and it looks just the way it did when I took the picture, there's not much better...


  1. Love the before and after. Where is the dancehall in the last shot? I'd like to make it there someday...

  2. What beautiful pics. And I loved seeing the before and after. I love that you use pics to show your points.