Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween...Any Thoughts?


My FAVORITE time of year.

My favorite time of year isn't necessarily the day of Halloween, but autumn, the fall, that's the time of year I love. Halloween is just lucky enough to fall within the best months. Which brings me to the question, (for those of you who also love the holiday...)

What do you love MOST about Halloween?

Of course, things may change considering the age of the one answering. Children, and those addicted to sugary sweets, will have to say, it's the candy. A few years ago we eliminated all food containing artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors in the food we have at home. If you've ever looked at any of the popular candy that's out there, that means, our kids do not eat Halloween candy. Maybe many of you out there think denying our kids candy--especially on Halloween is tantamount to child abuse. And maybe it is...

To me, Halloween will also be connected to the Heidelberg Restaurant. Those familiar with the history of Davis County should remember the upscale German restaurant that closed maybe 15-20 years ago. In high school I worked as a cook with some great people. How can this eatery be associated with the "festival of the dead?" Easy...the place was haunted.

To capitalize on the scariness of the the haunted building, each Halloween after the restaurant closed, those who worked there would gather on the upper level, set up a big TV and watch a scary movie. Let's just say, an active imagination influenced by the ambiance can create a lot of interesting moments.

When the road at the end of our street was undeveloped, my mom set up some card tables and served home-made root beer and doughnuts to the little trick-or-treaters. She figured that if someone took the time to come all the way down the street just to visit two homes, they should be rewarded for going the extra mile (or 10th of a mile...). We have tried keeping up the tradition. It's a good tradition.

However you enjoy the holiday, please let me know. I love hearing about other family's traditions. And whatever you do, have a safe and fun Halloween in one month and two days from today!


  1. Glazed donuts, and chili scream Halloween to me. Must have's for all hallows eve!

  2. I love Halloween because it is just fun and creative! And I really like candy!