Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Farmington Train Station

Farmington Frontrunner Station

A couple of years ago a commuter train line opened in my little town. It's the only station on the entire line where riders must climb stairs and cross over an expanse to reach the rails. I had the opportunity to ride the train to work a few years ago. My place of employment was right across the street from the Woods Cross station.

I actually love the bridge, even though hauling my bike up and down the stairs (taking the elevator is not really an option...) wasn't always fun. The station reminded me of the many--many--train stations I experienced in Denmark, and I LOVE the train system in Denmark, so many memories...

The station also marks the start of the Legacy Highway Trail, a rather nice place to bike, run and/or walk. I used to take my mountain bike with me on the train while going to work in the morning. After work I would then ride the eight or so miles home on my bike while listening to audiobooks of Faulkner for my homework. The only drawback, all the bugs along the wetlands where the trail follows. I swallowed more than one bug...

Tonight I went running on the northern tip of the trail and took a few pictures as I went. The station at night looks especially cool.

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