Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Pictures, 27 September 2011

Driving to work this morning while it was still dark, I passed my friend's barbershop and saw a flyer in the window. I thought it might be a notice informing us of his wife's recent passing (she died last week; she was very young; it is very sad...). I hopped out of the car and was surprised the flyer advertised something else completely.

On my way home I thought I could catch an interesting shot (or two...) at the local pond. There were a few fishermen and fisherkids, but the most interesting subjects honked and warmed themselves in the afternoon sun. Only one of the birds seemed to care that I was there.

Interestingly enough, my son's scout group decided to go fishing at that very pond tonight. It's only about 1/2 mile away from my house and since I needed to exercise, I plugged in my Sony headphones into my LG phone, laced up the ol' running shoes and ran/walked to the pond. I snapped a picture of the sunset on the way. Even though it wasn't the most stunning sunset I've ever seen, it was beautiful, none the less...

The scouts fished even after anyone could adequately see. I did take out my point-and-shoot just to see if I could catch anything myself. I'm sure had I arrived 15 minutes earlier, that sunset would be reflecting off the water and I might have got an amazing shot or two...

But standing a little uphill from my son I took a picture and I think I did okay...

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  1. OKAY!!!????
    That is a beautiful shot!
    Frankly I like them all, and I love how you tell the little story which goes with each.