Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Morning Produce Run...

I've written about the produce co-op before (HERE) but this morning was a little different. Since the whole Bountiful Baskets operation is run by volunteers, my wife decided to sign up to be the person in charge. This morning was our first attempt at managing things.

All in all, things went extremely well. We "recruited" our kids to help. What they lack in ability they more than make up for in ambition. The truck was on time, we had adequate volunteers to move and distribute the food items (we even got a pineapple...), and problems were at a minimum.

Around 10 a.m. the patrons formed queues, a slight delay hopefully encouraged some to volunteer in the future (those who volunteer arrive an hour early but they get to check out their food first...). I say it's worth the time.

We have thrown ourselves into this little food gathering and distributing adventure. The kids had a lot of fun helping out with the other volunteers. Once the crowds had all but gone, only three orders remained. We called those who ordered their food earlier in the week. They came and picked up their assigned items. The floors were swept, the baskets stacked and put away, and we drove away from the fire station blessed with the opportunity to serve. It was a great morning.

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