Monday, September 19, 2011

Stimulating The Economy, One Business At A Time...

It's Family Night and tonight we tried doing our part in helping the economy. Not really though (we really didn't spend too much...).

First stop, Best Buy. We did not purchase anything at the Best Buy (so I suppose the store's name did not apply for us this evening...). 

And inside the spacious interior we found a Star Wars on Blu-Ray display. It's amazing how much more revenue this will provide Mr. Lucas. I say, he deserves everything he makes, because to a 12-year old kid (me) who saw the original Star Wars, Episode IV at the Centre Theater in downtown SLC on Memorial Day, 1977, that movie was a life-changing experience. He got my $$ that weekend, and he's gotten more of my hard-earned $$ since...worth every penny.

We next stopped at the Wendy's restaurant and enjoyed food off the dollar menu. It's surprising how filling a couple of those items can be. 

And since we had to wait for our fries, a complimentary Frosty was given to us. I think it's the first Frosty I've had in several years. The strangest question asked by my family while eating at the restaurant was from my 7-year old: "What's the cheapest spork?" Yes, spork...I'm still not sure how to answer that one.

Our final destination of the evening, Wal-Mart. Since it was Family Night (and since I enjoyed the Frosty all by my lonesome...), we picked up ice cream for everyone else. I mean, it's only fair...

Such was this evening's adventure, an adventure in commerce. Let it not be said that we haven't tried to help out this country's financial dilemma... (no, we did not purchase a large "U" pillow, even though, I mean...who wouldn't want one?).

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  1. Mmmmm, frosty ... they are smaller now though! I saw those U pillows and I was so close to picking one up, but I resisted.