Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Picture of the Day...

Today's Picture

I took one picture today. I just received my Deluxe Snack Wrap (for $1.79 including tax, thank you very much...) and I was headed out the door when I saw kind of a creepy Ronald looking back at me. This particular McDonald's will be remodeled soon and I think Ron's Play Place will become a casualty of progress.

I usually take a lot of pictures, so much so, I've maxed out not only my laptop's hard drive space, but an external that I bought for just such a purpose. I used to take a lot of pictures with my trusty Olympus OM-10 (loved, LOVED, and still love that camera...). I can't imagine how much my need to capture "the better shot" would cost me now. I shudder at the thought (sorry about that one, folks...).

I'm glad I took the picture on my walk at lunchtime. More than once I've been sitting in my house and night approaches and realize I haven't snapped a daily picture. I head out with my camera to see what I could see. I have no idea what tomorrow's picture's going to be. I guess we'll all find out tomorrow.

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  1. That is a little creepy. (And I loved the "shutter" comment. It made me laugh!)