Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carousel, As In Life...

Life Is A Carousel

Many have compared life to many is a cabaret, life is a highway, a journey, a dream, zoo, game, joke, and no doubt countless others. Though many of these aptly apply, it can be equally true that life is a carousel.

Living most of my life within hearing distance of many of Lagoon's attractions and having worked at said location for almost a decade, I have been around merry-go-rounds much of my life. Lagoon has a beautiful example of a classic carousel with many of the "seats" both unique and valuable. Some, I believe, are over a century old.

I saw a television program once that talked about the significance of the type of horse (or other animal...) a patron chooses to ride. The tame-looking horse best suits a person of similar disposition. A wild horse, well, it goes without saying...

The kids and I enjoyed an afternoon on a newer model. I snapped a few pictures as we rotated counterclockwise during an absolutely beautiful day.

Life is a carousel. You're up; you're down. You must pay to ride (meaning you must first earn the fare giving you the privilege to ride in in the first place...). Music accompanies the experience as the horse that you chose takes you on a journey. And for the briefest of moments, you forget your troubles of your life and you can--hopefully--just enjoy the ride.

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