Friday, September 16, 2011

Home At Last!

For the past four days, the family has been on a vacation, the first in a long time. We're now home so I thought I'd include at some of the pictures I took and post them--some of them post again...

On the trip down, we saw a classic ride...

We actually stopped and shopped at the D.I. In fact, we bought a $3 toaster the first day we arrived and turned it in the day we left.

Our daughter loves to swim so she spent much of the time at the motel in the pool.

Her little brother joined her. I think this was his first experience with a hot tub.

The second day in our room the front desk called and said there was a water leak in the building, so they moved us to the building next door. The kids did a great job cleaning up and moving with little notice.

Moon over Denny's...

Carousel rides...

An incredible brilliantly white building in the middle of the desert...

And the best time to see it is at night.

We finished our trip with a game of bowling, 

And a tour of Brother Brigham's summer getaway.

As we drove from St. George Blvd, I snapped a picture of a car/truck. It's got to be a mid-60's Ford Ranchero. I know this because my friend Matt had one similar when we drove our mid-60's cars in high school (the cars weren't that old back then...). For a cool 5K (or best offer...) you too can cruise around town in this beautiful car/truck.

We did so much more (I should have taken more pictures...), like eating dinner at the Richmond's (Thanks again, guys!), and visiting other local points-of-interests. Southern Utah is stunning. If you've never been, I highly recommend it as a vacation destination. We're home now and so glad to be home. We had a great trip.

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