Monday, January 23, 2012

Blizzard & Beethoven.... wasn't actually a Blizzard, per se, but I liked the alliteration... 

Today we got another storm and as I like to do, I hooked up the ol' iPod and cranked it (after getting the traffic report on the 9's, of course...). This afternoon's playlist included Beethoven, his 9th to be more precise. The plunked out melodic line is the tenor part of the song. If you're a tenor, feel free to sing along!

Now, I'm not recommending this type of driving/filming technique. It's been left to the professionals and since I've been driving for 30 years and taking pictures even longer, I count myself as a professional in both fields. Here's a breakdown of the pictures:

What it looked like at work before starting out

Slick roads claim a truck

Main Street sycamores flying by

A pretty good little Mexican restaurant downtown (the only restaurant downtown...)

This biker reminded me of the mission--biking in a snowstorm...we did it

My street, pre-plowed

The neighbors doing some snow shoveling

Safe at home!

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