Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ever Sung Beethoven?

Utah Voices Sings Beethoven...

I only need to be asked four or five times for help...that's all, just four or five times (kidding--I usually help after the third request) ;). I've been asked for months to join the Utah Voices Choir. Last Wednesday I went. After all, they're singing Beethoven, and it's the 9th Symphony. Great, great song...

Utah Voices*

I haven't sung this type of music with such large group in decades. Utah Voices Choir is a big group, but they lacked tenors, hence the numerous invites. They have good tenors in the group--they just need more to compete with the sopranos (as if that's possible...). If you're in the area and interested in the group, just click here: Utah Voices Choir Link to find out more.

I've known the director, Dr. Michael Huff for over 30 years. He's as good a friend and person as he is a talented a musician. The group's singing two Beethoven numbers for their next concert. I've sung the 9th before, but not the Gloria. At the rehearsal we sang the 9th first and I was shocked at how much of the song I's as if the music makes so much sense, as if the notes and the lyrics are supposed to be that way.

As we rehearsed the Gloria, it was a little difficult, but Mike stopped us and did a little teaching. He said if we give the number a chance and work through it, we'll love it. And I believe him. He said he's sung the song only once before and that was years ago. He also said that even though he hasn't sung it for years, he could jump right back into it and not miss a beat. That made sense because that same thing happened to me with the 9th. It's Beethoven, after all...

*Utah Voices Choir Logo used without permission--I hope it's okay...if not, just let me know.

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