Monday, January 2, 2012

There's A Hole In The Blinds, Dear Kitty, Dear Kitty...

The Hole In The Blinds...

About four years ago (or so...) we got a cat and we love our cat. As cats go, he's good. He keeps mice and rats away from the house (at least, we think so...we haven't had any of the little critters in our house since he's lived here...), he is good with the kids, he does all his business outside, and he tolerates the dog. Like I said, a pretty good cat.

If the cat has a flaw, it is he destroys blinds. We do not have a cat door in our house. Sometimes we open our bedroom window to let him in. You know how it is, the cat climbs up on the window screen and you think it's so cute. And then the cat climbs up so much, he eventually shreds the screen until it's destroyed and then you end up taking the screen off and then the cat now uses the window as a pet door...I'm sure everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Since the cat thinks the window is his own private entrance/exit, why let some blinds get in your way? Over time the cat broke several blinds until a small cat-head-sized hole appeared in the lower left corner. Today we bought new blinds for the room and I think we solved the cat problem. We acted proactively. We cut the hole ourselves. This way the blinds won't break at the sections where the strings are strung. By cutting them off ourselves, hopefully the blinds will stay together longer. This, of course, is an experiment. We'll see if it works. I do know this, I'm sure we'll get new blinds before we get a new cat.

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