Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Public Libraries & IKEA Furniture...

We ran an errand today and picked up some examples of the finest put-it-together-yourself Swedish furniture and on the way home. We also stopped by our little town library. If you grew up where I did, the library is one of the few remaining buildings from our youth. Of course, the building's not old enough to be considered "sacred" by people in the town who make such decisions. We have a lot of century's old structures in our town, but I guess a half century-old structure doesn't count and is not worth saving. The library's modern, 21st century replacement is being built right next door. I guess you wait long enough and everything changes. Now, I admit that the old library is not pretty on the eyes...it's kind of like the Pontiac Aztek of buildings, but then again, I happen to like Pontiac Azteks...


We brought in the big boxes, opened them up and began building. The other kids have all experienced the thrill that is furniture assembly before. This time their interest wasn't there, but our youngest son wanted to help build. He did and I'm happy to say no one suffered any major (or minor...) injuries. 

I looked at my today's pictures (a library and putting together furniture) and a thought came to me. It's sad to see things go, old buildings, friends, our health as the years go by. As I saw my son put together most of those units, I realized that he's moving on too. And one day I'll turn around and my children will have children of their own who will want to help build things and will--hopefully--want to go to the new library as many times as possible.

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  1. A fun read. Family projects and memories just go together. Carol