Thursday, January 19, 2012

iPhone vs Android...A Conversation

Tonight after work I came home and logged on to Facebook. I usually don't check Facebook while I'm at work so I like to check in to see what's going on when I get home.

One of the first things I saw today was a post started by a neighbor of mine. He and his wife are lovingly restoring the house my father never was able to finish. I'll always be grateful to them for that.

But for all the great qualities he has, he's not as big a fan of Apple computer/phone products as I am. I'd have an iPhone if I could afford one and the next computer I buy for me will be to replace my aging white MacBook (even though I'll have to pay a lot more for it than my neighbor would pay to replace his computer...).

And so I read his post tonight and in his defense, he basically wrote what he wrote to get the exact response that he got. I admit he has valid points in his argument, but I know he also admits, I am too...

Apple Co-founder even uses Android phones.
And for all the Iphone users that want to know what their Iphone will do in the future, you can see it now, Its call android 4.0.
Steve Wozniak’s Android love is no surprise
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    • Monica... HA! You iphone hater! I still LOVE my iPhone:) The camera on the iPhone is the bomb and really that is the deal breaker for me. I hate that delay of all other phones when you take pictures. That equals IMPOSSIBLE when taking pictures of my kids and that is all I do! People have their preferences and I am more on the creative side, so I am an iPhone lover!
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    • You can get a 12 mega pix now on Android. It will be 2 years before the Iphone does that. Android gives you far more flexibility to be creative on the open source platform. And Android is closer to an apple computer os than the Iphone. Android uses the Linux kernel like the apple os.
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    • And it gives you more ram, cpu, memory,and screen at half the cost.
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    • Bryan... Competition is a good thing. Be glad for it.
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    • I know just looking for a little banter, I wont hate you for having an apple device two maybe but not for just one.
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    • Scott Taylor Um, (and I know you know this and acknowledge this) without the iPhone, Android wouldn't exist. Blackberries would be all there is...
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    • Scott maybe ill admit there is some truth to that, If you'll admit apple just stole the Iphone from the tablet PC and shrunk it down.
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    • Scott Taylor Okay, but if just shrinking the tablet PC down was so easy, why didn't anyone do it earlier...because they lack vision...
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    • they did it was the pocket pc. They just need to add the phone. :)
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