Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's D.I. Gamble? A Cuisinart

Another D.I. Gamble...

Tonight the Mrs. and I stopped by the D.I. It's been a long time since I've visited one of my favorite shopping destinations. In the past, I used to go to the D.I. several times a month, but I've found that when I frequent this particular thrift store, one of two things happen. I either run out of money to buy other's discarded treasures, or I run out of space in my house to store my newly acquired treasures (or both...).

Now, when I find something that is cool and works, that's not a gamble--that's a score. When I find something cool that doesn't work, that's a gamble. Tonight I found a Cuisinart and it was a gamble--it didn't work. Back in the day I used to take electronic things apart and sometimes I could get them back to working order. 5 bucks for a $100 kitchen appliance...I thought I'd take a chance.


We brought it home and I took it apart. Basically, as I peered into the guts of the blender/food processor I looked exactly the same as when I used to look into the guts of my various VW Beetles when they broke down. I peered in and looked because I'm a guy, even though I had no idea why these things weren't working...

Tonight my gamble didn't pay off. Various Google searches mentioned something about a blown fuse that once replaced, my blender/food processor may work again. Who know...maybe one day it might blend/food process again, but then again, it might not. For me, it was worth the gamble. Of course, had the blender/food processor cost $10...well, that's a little too much--I probably wouldn't have taken that gamble.

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