Monday, January 30, 2012

The Neighbor's Project...

The Father & Son Project

Yesterday I cornered by neighbor and I asked him about the big wrapped thing in his driveway. "That's my Corvette Killer," he said and his eyes lit up. The man involved in the racing industry is building something with his son. I'm excited to see what becomes of his project. If I were mechanically inclined I'd love to help rebuild it, but I'd probably do more harm than good.

"We're really good at at taking things apart," my neighbor admitted. "When we take things apart we put all the the parts in plastic bags." Ah, my kind of tinkerer... What's more American than a father and son fixing up a car, even if it's a father from England fixing up a Japanese import? Nothing, I say.

I asked when said project would see a completion date. The answer is yet unknown, but my neighbor is excited about the prospect and the possibilities. Perhaps the car will never see the open road again, or if it does, it may not be my neighbor who completes the task of restoration. In either case, father and son project brought a smile to my neighbor's face.

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