Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Cat...


Something about the calico long hair cat caught my attention when we went to my neighbor's house last Sunday. She took an interest in us. We asked my neighbor about the cat and they said it was a stray and that they had been feeding her for a few weeks. They also said they could not allow the cat inside so she's been living on their porch so far this winter. That was Sunday. Monday night I drove by their house again and that big fluffy cat sat on their porch just looking at us. We ended up bringing Gracie home.

We already have a great cat and since I know as much about cats as I know about Bollywood actors, getting another cat is always a risk. Since we picked up Gracie, we've learned more about her. She was owned by some renters in the neighborhood who recently moved. We know she won't be having any kittens and that she's healthy. These are good things. We also know how much it costs to have a cat shaved (much more than our dog...).

We're now in the process of acclimating Gracie to our dog and our cat (and our house and our kids...). Hopefully our new cat will be able to enjoy the home we're trying to provide. Welcome to the family, Gracie.

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