Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bob's Vertical Challenge...It's Getting Closer!

The Only Thing We're Missing Is The Snow...

Today the Vertical Challenge Committee met to prepare for the biggest and best Vertical Challenge yet. Come February 28th, 2012, there will be many happy skiers/snowboarders and hopefully, many happy scouts as a result. Here's the link to the website for any and all questions: Vertical Challenge.

I've blogged about the challenge before (2011 Vertical Challenge) and I'm excited for this year's event. It is SO MUCH FUN! New for '12 will be the ability to track each team with a GPS unit so immediately after the event, we'll know who skied/snowboarded the most vertical feel. The company we're going to use is FLAIK. Here's their website and what they do: FLAIK. The company touts their ability to help ski schools. We're going to use them to track vertical feet. I can't wait!

There's a lot of work to do before the event. We've got promotions to do and media contacts to make so at the end of the day a bunch of scouts that normally would go without will benefit from all this work. And the fact that we have a blast doing it is a nice bonus...a nice bonus indeed.

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