Saturday, January 28, 2012

Noises Off...Fun On!

A Great Time Was Had By All

Tonight the Mrs. and I decided to be a tad impulsive. On our way back from Salt Lake at 6pm, we decided to go see a play and the play we chose to see was "Noises Off" at the Centerpoint Legacy Theatre. I highly recommend seeing this show.

In short, the production wore me out--not because I was tired but because there is so much to see on stage. Each actor presented a complete show that their character needed to portray and with all the actors acting together, it was wonderful to watch. I did laugh many many times.

Of course, seeing such a show when good friends are on stage improves the entire experience. Such was the case tonight. And my friends did a marvelous job. Even, what I believed to be a technical problem in the third act--a microphone malfunction--worked perfectly with the scene. It was only natural for a microphone to fail, just as everything else did with the show within a show.

The moment I stepped into the theatre I reconnected with good friends. After the show ended I reconnected with good friends. There's something wonderful in being part of a cast and making others forget their cares, if only for a few hours. Well done Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday cast of Centerpoint Legacy Theatre's production of "Noises Off."

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