Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Killer Angels...


The Killer Angels...Good Book

It depends on how you define a "good book" but I just finished the audiobook of "The Killer Angels" today and the it certainly lives up to my definition of what a good book is.

Have you ever seen or heard about those guys who live in and around Pennsylvania and other areas who reenact the battles of the Civil War? I've heard of them and wondered why they do what they do. I'm not sure if reading this book answered this question fully, but I do have an increased respect for the Battle of Gettysburg. My son's school group tentatively planned a trip to Gettysburg last summer (they ended up not going...). There was a time when I considered accompanying the group as a chaperone. Now, after reading that book, I wish they would have gone and I wish I could have gone with them.

The book won the Pulitzer Prize and even made the NY Times Bestseller list, but only after the author had passed away. The audiobook has an interesting forward by the author's son which includes this and other trivia about the book. I love knowing those kinds of facts when I read a book--kind of like watching the additional comments on a DVD.

The audiobook took 13 hours and 47 minutes to listen to (of course, it took me half that time--listening on double speed is the only way to go...), but it was well worth the time. If you get the opportunity to read and/or listen to the book (they even made a movie out of the book--Gettysburg...) I highly recommend it. It made me think...like I said, a good book.

*The picture of the book's original cover was found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Killer_Angels and used without permission

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  1. Have you seen Gettysburg, the movie based on this book. It's an outstanding movie.