Friday, January 6, 2012

Bonsai Man...

The Bonsai Man

The Bonsai Man sits all day and stares at his little tree. The Bonsai Man with fan in hand wonders why his tree is so so small. Of course, the Bonsai Man is small too so things are fine...

The Bonsai Man's house is inside an office building where calls are made, faxes are sent, and deals are done. The Bonsai Man never comments on such things even though he has opinions, very valid opinions on many interesting subjects. No one has ever heard the Bonsai Man's opinions because the Bonsai Man doesn't speak.

To the Bonsai Man the small stones by which he sits are boulders. The Bonsai Man doesn't care. To the Bonsai Man the small stones/boulders are just fine. The Bonsai Man prefers these rocks to small plastic rabbits and/or snails.

The Bonsai Man stares at his little tree and knows that his very survival depends on that tree. For if the tree dies, then the Bonsai Man will be tossed in the trash. Lucky for the Bonsai Man that the bonsai tree, the small stones/boulders, the dirt, and the Bonsai Man himself are not neglected. The Bonsai Man has a very considerate caretaker. And this makes the Bonsai Man very very happy.

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