Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ye Olde Sledding Hill...

Our Sledding Hill
We live on a hill, not a Swiss Alps hill, but a hill none the less. And thanks to my next-door-neighbor, we have an excellent sledding run in our backyard. Since the run lies exclusively on my neighbor's property, it's due to his kindness that we have our run.
I grew up across the street from where I currently live. A few hundred feet from our front door is a natural ravine. Growing up we sled and tubed down that ravine. My friends called it "The Ravine From Hell" and for good reason. It was a great place to sled when the snow flew.

Unfortunately for my kids, the ravine no longer supports sledding (due to landscaping and the proliferation of possible lawsuits...) but we do have the lower hill. Yesterday we got a long awaited storm and the kids flocked to the whitened mountain. Even my kids joined in.

My neighbor, who's hill it is, took the first run of the morning. It required several attempts for him to reach the bottom. His dogs, however, loved every run.

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