Monday, August 6, 2012

Curiosity...A Rover Landed

A saw a tweet earlier in the evening. Some geek (an endearing term to be sure...) posted that only a few hours remained until the Curiosity Rover landed on the surface of Mars. It took a few clicks but I finally found the live feed of the control room. I plugged in my headphones and checked it out.

Of course, to fill time the broadcast had interviews of several team members who's hard work lead to the spaceship actually being where it was supposed to be. The clocked ticked on and updates were fed live to the group clad in matching baby blue shirts.


Hearing about all the things that had to go exactly right made my head spin. They showed the animations of what should happen and as it turned out, everything they said had to happen, did happen exactly how they said it would.

Finally, an announcement that the lander was on the surfaced caused an eruption of emotion among the engineers and photographers and ultimately, their joy spread via the Internet to me, sitting on my bed watching my computer at just after 11:30pm MDT.

That was the first cause for celebration. Another came just moments after when they showed the first pictures of the red planet. I'm so glad I found that geek's tweet and decided to stay up and watch human history. It was pretty cool...


  1. I would love to have tuned in live but I had to settle for the news reports. Great news though.

    Head on over to my blog when you can, there's a little award for you there if you like ...

    1. Thanks Heather! I've been slow getting to add my info, but I want to. And, the event was pretty cool to watch live.