Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yes, I'm Judging A Book By Its Cover (And Other Things...)


Sometime last week, I noticed a Facebook post from another beginning author (to be honest, he's further along than I in the process...). He recommended a podcast , a podcast to help beginning--or even experienced--authors. It's called (and it's a great name for a podcast...) "The Other Side of the Story." I subscribed and have enjoyed the half-dozen productions that have been made. It's creator is Matt Myklusch.

And, as things go sometimes, on the latest podcast, Matt announced a book giveaway. His latest book, "The Secret War" was being released and so he gave instructions on how someone could come to win this book. I followed the instructions and, as things go sometimes, I was one of the lucky winners. A free book? Are you kidding? Of course I want a free book!

Today was the day the book arrived. Everyone's heard the adage, "You can't just a book by its cover," or maybe it goes, "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover." Either way, the message is not to do it. Well, I'm going to ignore this wise council and talk about my newly received prize.


Just check out that cover! Personally, I think it rocks. It's the second book in the Jack Blank adventure series and you can find out more about the podcast, the author, and the books here: OTHER SIDE SHOW.COM. The author was kind enough to autograph the book and even included a personalized note--things he didn't need to do. In fact, he didn't need to send the book (at his expense...) in the first place.


I hope to read the book soon. But, as many of you know, finding time to read is difficult. More likely than not, I'll have the kids read it first then give me their opinions. So, Mike--I've judged your book before reading it. And, I've also judged you, to a certain extent. Both, in my humble opinion, are first-rate.

*Photos of book and website artwork were used without permission.


  1. I've gotten SO back into reading this year (discovering GoodReads and e-reading). I'm always on the lookout for books for boys (reluctant readers). This series looks like it has great reviews. I do like that cover (I'm currently reading a YA novel that has a similar scene, at least to my imagination, of large rocks floating in the air).

    1. I'm so glad these books are being published. It's so good for the kids (and adults...) imaginations. Glad you've gotten back into the printed words!