Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest Writer Time! The Second One...

Another Guest Writer Time!
I'm including a portion of a story from another guest writer. This is the second installment to showcase another writer. Like last time, I'm going to ask you for a favor. I would LOVE to hear your opinion on this and the other snippets of stories I will include.
 So, here you go!

Chapter 1
The Invitation

  Stacie Boulderfoot stood before the crowd, trying to calm them in this time of need.
     “Please, everything will be fine,” She said. Though she knew she was lying. The Great Magician, Daan Scorchbringer, had been assassinated. Now the land of Rockbuilt was unprotected and Stacie must find a successor. “Please, everyone, who here is skilled in witchcraft?” One of the members of the crowd raised their hand. “Yes? You in the back.”
     “No one in Rockbuilt has been skilled in witchcraft in over a century,” He said. “Daan hailed from Flamering.”
     “In other words, no one here can be Daan's successor?”
     “No, ma'am.”
     Stacie sighed. What were they going to do now? Blue moon season was approaching rapidly, Daan was gone, and the only replacement magician lived on the opposite end of the world. Rockbuilt was completely defenseless.
     “Coming through,” Someone in the crowd shouted. “Excuse me, Daily Letter coming through.”
     I don't know why the mailman calls himself that, Stacie thought.
     The Daily Letter emerged from the crowd with his cargo pants and “I Mail” tee-shirt.
     “Hey, Stacie,” He said
     “Good morning, Letter. Anything interesting?”
     “Actually, yeah.” He reached into a mailbag slung over his shoulder. “I got this from a guy in Frostbite.” He handed Stacie a letter.
     “Frostbite, huh? Oh well, probably just another attempt at war.
     “I don't think so. From what I hear, the Frostbitten aren't doing too good in the military department.”
     “Is that so? Well, some things only happen once in a lifetime, I guess.” Stacie tore open the letter and read it, her face twisting with confusion.
     “What's that?” The mailman asked.
     “An invitation to something,” Stacie said, making a beard with her hand like she does when she's thinking. She sighed. “I could use a vacation.”

     Dear Chad Firemind, Chad's fan letter read. I loved your act. I mean, the way you played Commander Iceblade was pure genius! I can't wait to see how you play Admiral Spellcaster. Sincerely, Amy Sparklung.
     “Aw, isn't that sweet?” Chad said. “Someone from Thunderstruck came all this way to see me.”
     “Charming,” The stage manager said blandly. He sat in his chair, half asleep. Like he does after every preformance.
     “Hey look,” Chad picked up a letter with a snowflake postmark. “It's from Frostbite.”
Dear reader(s), you are hereby invited to a get together this weekend.
Be sure to inform your parent/guardian/sibling/neighbor that you are leaving and inform them when you intend to return.
6:00 PM 394 E. 24 S. Alteration Lake, Frostbite.
Hope to see you there!
     “Looks like I'm invited to a get together. Wanna come?” Chad said.

     Amy Sparklung and her friend Beth Ampchain walked out of the theater after watching Chad Firemind preform. And would be quoting his work for the rest of the day.
     “'Sheila,'” Amy said, mimicking Chad's deep voice. “'I love you, but now I must defuse this bomb.'”
     Beth jumped in to be the damsel in destress. “'No, Commander Iceblade, you musn't!” She said. “If you defuse this bomb, you will blow up all of Frostbite.'”
     Amy and Beth burst out laughing.
     “That Chad,” Amy said. “He's the funniest guy in Flamering.”
     “I dunno,” Beth said. “That Marcus Flametaster's got some good material. Like that Blue Moon routine.”
     “Blue Moon routine?”
     “Yeah. It's when he's talking about his mutation.”
     “Oh, and he says, 'for some reason I keep eating fire during the BluMoon.' Okay, I remember now. I guess he is pretty good.”
     “Excuse me,” Someone behind them said, tapping Amy on the shoulder. Amy turned to see the Daily Letter.   
     “Are you Amy Sparklung of Thunderstruck?”
     “Yes,” Amy said.
     “I got something for you.” He reached into his mail bag and pulled out a letter addressed to Amy.
Amy gasped. “It's from Commander Iceblade!”
     Amy and Beth squealed. Amy franticly ripped open a the letter and read the invitation. Then she squealed again.
     “He invited me to a get together!”

     “Listen well, commander, for I have a plan,” Admiral Spellcaster said in his trademark low n' slow voice.
     “Not one of those again,” Commander Iceblade said.
     “Commander, silence yourself. Now, when the moon turns blue this century, we Frostbitten will use this opportunity to the most of our ability.”
     “How? We know as much about its power as the rest of world.”
     “You may only know as much as the commoners, but I have knowledge given to me by the great Daan Scorchbringer.”
     “The guy who was attacked by a Spark Plug?”
     “...Yes. He told me of a place where the changes of the BluMoon can become permanent.
Iceblade's eyes widened. “You mean we'll be–” Spellcaster nodded. “–We'll be invincible.”
     “I have recruited the guinea pigs you requested, and the Circle is ready for operation.”

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