Monday, August 13, 2012

How To Make Homemade Ice Cream...

First, go to the store and buy ice. You can pick up the seven pound bag, or the 20 pound bag. If you're making more than one batch, the 20 pounder's the way to go.

Next, fish out the ice cream maker from whichever nook and/or cranny the ice cream maker is currently hiding. Ours was behind several buckets of food stuffs in the pantry. We have a Proctor-Silex brand, which, I believe, is Portuguese for "Miracle Creator Of Deliciousness."

Once the unfrozen ice cream is in the chamber of coolness, add the before-mentioned ice in the machine, add a dash of rock salt, turn on the motor and bask in the sound of ice cream-making goodness. Once the cream and ice have fused together, place appropriate amounts is various serving dishes and enjoy!

Of course, the most important ingredient for making homemade ice cream is...a teenage son who's willing to do all the work for you. Trust me on this one, it makes the ice cream so much better!


  1. I just did a homemade ice cream post on my blog :) We've really been putting our ice cream maker to use this summer (after two years of it just sitting). We've converted to one where you freeze the bowl, then you don't have to worry about ice and rock salt. It's so easy I don't mind doing it myself, although I'm sure I could get teenage son to help out. What flavor? We're pretty basic with vanilla and chocolate.

    1. The son made vanilla mint, and chocolate...SO GOOD! We're glad he wants to do all the work!