Saturday, August 4, 2012

So, Where Do You Put Your Treadmill?

In the almost 20 years that my wife and I have been married, we've owned two treadmills. Today that number increased by one. The first two are long gone. Hopefully this one is here to stay. Last night while watching the Olympics, I opened Facebook and one of my fantastic friends wanted to rid himself of his 150 lb. paperweight that had been residing for the past year in his garage. "Sure!" I responded as quickly as I could. "I want it!" Apparently I was the first responder. Who says checking out Facebook doesn't pay off?

This morning my son and I drove to his house and picked it up. Ever since I so enthusiastically proclaimed my desire for the treadmill the night before, I've been trying to figure out just where to put the darn thing. I mean, we have closets where we hang up our clothes, so I don't need it in the bedroom (nor would it fit...). We have s storage room, but it's so full of storage that it probably won't fit in there either.

Then I had an idea. In our basement we left the space under the stairs open so the kids could play. Lately we put in bookshelves under the stairs and had the kids store the Legos® there. We decided to remove the bookshelves (funny, the Legos® were no longer stored there...) and we took a chance that the treadmill might fit in the space.


And it did! Maybe one day when the kids are filling up storage rooms in their own houses we'll have a room just for treadmills and the like. But for now, there's always room under the stairs.


  1. ... yes I'm SO spoiled, I do have a room devoted to my treadmill (and other exercise stuff) ... so I have NO excuses.

    1. And, we can always just go outside and walk around. None of us have any excuses! ;)