Friday, August 3, 2012

Goodbye, School...

Once a building stood where now only flat ground remains. Only two blocks away it was the closest non-home in our neighborhood. They first tore down the original school--that happened almost 40 years ago. Next they leveled what they left behind and they did that last year.

This summer they completed the demolition of what was once our neighborhood school. Bit by bit little parts of the campus have disappeared. There were playgrounds and basketball hoops--famous basketball hoops to us vertically challenge players (they had 6' hoops and almost everyone could dunk on them...). 

At one one end of where we ran as kids a rock wall still exists. It marks the property boundary of my friend's lot. I remember running to that wall at recess, sitting on it and watching all the kids playing. That playground has been gone for a long time. Seeing the last piece gone brings it all home again.

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