Sunday, August 19, 2012

The 7 a.m. Priesthood Leadership Meeting...

Driving past the church last night I wondered...was that 7 a.m. Priesthood meeting this Sunday, or next Sunday? A phone call a few hours later answered my's this Sunday.

So I set my alarm for 6:45 a.m. (I'll eat breakfast after...) and went to bed, but not before watching RedBox's newest selection..."Hunger Games." (read the book, never saw the movie...). Watching a film after the kids go to bed, and having to still deal with an occasional sick child means me and the Mrs. haven't been getting as much sleep as we normally do. When that happens, 7 a.m. comes very early--especially on a weekend.

I remember the alarm going off. I remember turning off the ringing alarm. I remember opening my eyes again and seeing my digital clock read: 6:56 a.m. So, I wasn't technically late...not yet. Still, I wasn't too worried. If I hurried and got dressed (I'll shower after...) and hop in the car, I may only be a few minutes late.

I jumped in the car and noticed the time. It was only 3 minutes after 7 a.m. Not too bad. I cranked the ignition, and the radio--already set to a station that plays religious music on Sundays--came to life. The song that greeted me as I was late for my meeting was "Nearer My God To Thee." I mean, come on! I'm trying to get there as soon as I can!

I turned my car on to State Street and there were no other cars on the road--none. Everyone else was either already at the meeting, or sleeping, like everyone in my family was doing.

I entered the church just as the opening prayer came to a close. As discretely as possible, I entered the meeting through a side door and sat alone in a pew. Amazingly, I remained awake through all of the talks that were given and was glad I did so. The talks were inspired and important.

So went my 7 a.m. meeting. I know why the are held at that hour. I know also that I've promised to dedicate all to the Work. Having said that, 7 a.m. just seemed too darn early for a Sunday.

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