Sunday, August 12, 2012

The House On The Hill With The Long, Long Driveway...

The sign is not new. It was put up last year before a nice family moved in. Once in, the sign came down. Soon the nice family will be moving out and finding another place to live. Once they do, the house on the hill with the long, long driveway will be empty again. We will miss the nice family and we hope only the best for whatever paths they choose to follow.

Before the nice family moved in, another family lived in the house on the hill with the long, long driveway. They bought the house from a single mother of two who, along with her husband at the time, designed their dream home and, like most home owners trying to build their own home, endured many struggles along the way.

Soon no one will drive or walk up the long, long driveway and the house on the hill will become quiet once again. As with most homes, someone--a family, maybe--will move in and become another part of the building's history. They'll add their name to the names of others who called the house on the hill home.

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