Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Friends, Two Photos...

Two days ago I came across two pictures that were recently posted to Facebook, one was a friend of mine, and the other was posted by my brother. It was a picture of me. I'm the one already off the bus.

That picture of Matt (used w/o permission--hope that's okay...) is just so classic! It really says so much about him that it's hard to describe. When we were younger, you had to have a bike. It was as important to us as kids as a car is to us as adults, and even though that bike might not look so hot now, back in the day, that was a nice ride. And Matt was a scout. I'm pretty sure he and I shared an elementary class photo together and he was wearing his scout uniform. As kids go, Matt was as good as they come.

The picture of me is a little newer, but probably only by five or six years. Somehow this photo surfaced at my brother's high school reunion. Since he's a few years older than me, I can deduce that this shot was taken in the early 1980's. Just as the picture of Matt details a lot about him, I suppose this picture of me reveals some facts, too. The first shocker that anyone who knows me sees is that amazing hair. I admit, I had some sweet hair. I mean, who didn't want Shawn Cassidy hair? And see those shoes? They were original Nike shoes, white with the read swoosh. I tried so hard to keep them clean.

Matt and I have known each other for decades and he's still my friend. He lives away from the small town where we both grew up. I wish he were closer if only to just hang out like we used to do. The pictures tell stories and even though they were taken at different times, they show a slice of our lives when we were just kids trying to stay cool in a world where what we thought was important, really wasn't. The pictures brought it all back...

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