Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

It's strange when your youngest has another birthday. It's the last time one of our children will turn eight years old.. Even though we didn't go out to a restaurant or to an arcade, I think our son had a pretty good day.

Our youngest, like all our kids, is a unique spirit. Being the last child there was a possibility that he wouldn't have joined our little family. But, after three, both my wife and I just knew there was another child waiting to be a Taylor.

Today he got several phone calls, a visit from his church teachers (delivering brownies...), and, while at work, I did a video call to wish him a happy birthday. He LOVES video calls, but I suspect he likes seeing his face on the computer screen more than he does actually communicating.

Happy birthday, kiddo! We're so glad you came to play!

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