Sunday, August 5, 2012

State & Main...

In my hometown lies an intersection. It’s an intersection like millions of others, two streets bisecting under a stoplight. State Street and Main Street—boring names, I know.

Before the interstate, before roads providing us all the ability to have millions of cars move from point A to point B with miraculous efficiency, all travellers heading north and south, east and west came to the intersection of State and Main.

Follow Main Street (if it went straight for a several thousand miles…) and you’ll end up in either Canada or Mexico. Follow State Street (under the same conditions…) and you reach either the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean. The destination depends on the choice that is made at the intersection of State and Main.


  1. State and Main. I miss every town having a State and Main. Out here I have never come across either of those street names. They may be boring to you, but how I would love to see one or both, or even better - their intersection.

    1. Yeah, the way they did things when they set up the towns out west did a pretty good job. Glad you liked the post!