Monday, August 20, 2012

Patch And Cheese...

"Did you know that poodles are, like, the third smartest dogs?" my friend Janna said to me a few years back. Janna grooms our dog, Patch (and she has some very smart poodles...). "Huh. So, how smart are Shih Tzus?" I asked. She smiled and said, "They're like one of the dumbest." To be honest, she wasn't telling me anything I hadn't already supposed.

Also a few years back one of my Facebook friends posted that her dog Moose (also a Shih Tzu...) led a charmed life. She said one of her dog's favorite activities was following her around while she was in the kitchen hoping she would drop some cheese on the floor. Moose loved cheese. Interesting, I thought to myself at the time. I wonder if my dog likes cheese.

Since that time, we've discovered that, not only does my dog like cheese. She LOVES it! We many times find ourselves grating some cheese for a meal and the dog knows each and every time we do. Of course, knowing of our dog's affection for the dairy product means that we have, many times, have allowed cheese to fall to the floor.

Now, remember when I previously pointed out the intelligence rating of my dog's breed? I love our dog, but this video speaks for itself.


  1. She is not dumb, she just does not like to have her food served on paper plates.