Friday, August 10, 2012

Two Front Doors...

"Hey, you have two front doors. That's weird." I heard that same thing said from several people as we built our house. "Yeah," I replied. "But there's a reason." I would explain why we had two front doors, and it made sense to me whenever I told anyone who cared to listen.

It still makes sense to me nine years later.

Growing up, we had a mudroom that separated the garage from the rest of the house. It wasn't used that much. In fact, my father never got around to finishing the mudroom/bathroom before he passed away. As we drew up the house plan for our future home we drew in a laundry room right across the hall from a small bathroom. I thought we should put in a door so that when the kids were playing outside and were muddy and wet from playing outside (the way kids naturally are after playing outside...), the kids could go through the laundry room, go into the bathroom, then go right back outside without bringing the outdoors in with them.

I still think it's a good idea.

It's been nine years since we moved into our home. I underestimated how much time the kids would be playing outside. They play outside--don't get me wrong--just not as much as I thought they would. So the door to the laundry room, though functional, wasn't really needed. The room now doubles as a place where one of our cats sleeps. We have also, over the years, stacked stuff in front of the unused door. Today I cleaned out the room and let the sunshine in.


And that's why we have two front doors. Yes, it's a little weird, but I don't care.

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